Both UPS and FedEX have had problems finding my house.  ShipSIGNATURE REQUIRED (not adult signature) so it does not sit on my front porch if I am away for a few days and I get prior notice of delivery. On UPS it's all of $3.87.

If you ship FedExyou can take a chance and not send signature required or know that it might take two or three extra days. 1. They don't ring door bells. 2. when I call on a missed delivery and tell them to hold for pick up, they still attempt to deliver the next day and so I call again and I can pick it up the next day = 3 days late,  3 phone calls by me, and 2 trips to the pick up location.


                             US post office                                                            UPS, FEDX, ETC.

                            HILTON REPAIR                                                           Dick Bull

                            738 PUEBLO AVE.                                                        738 TROTTER LANE

                            NAPA CA. 94558‚Äč                                                         NAPA, CA. 94558

Sending a Hilton Sound System in for repair: Include your name & current address, a return shipping address, contact information (daytime telephone number, e-mail, etc.), and a short description of any problems you have been experiencing with the system. If you have a time frame in which you must have the system back please let me know that.

BEFORE SENDING YOUR SET IN SET IT UP AT HOME AND DOUBLE CHECK THAT THE PRPBLEM IS STILL THERE. I have received several sets that work perfectly when they come in, I have to spend a lot of time trying to reproduce the problem and that is a lot of labor time = your money.


CUSTOMS:  Country of origin, refers to the country of manufacture  not shipping origin. It is United States for all Hilton sets.

Include the statement "MANUFACTURED BY HILTON AUDIO PRODUCTS, CONCORD CA. USA"Returning for repair somewhere on the shipping label. It must be shipped to "Hilton Repair" not Dick Bull. If you do not want charges added later, when they finally bill me for brokerage fees, it must be shipped Free  domicile. I just got billed  $80.66 because the owner stated country of origin...Canada. Be sure to have proof of ownership in your country so you don't have to pay full value on return. You should only have to pay on the "increase in value" i.e. repair costs if anything.

When a Hilton Sound System is received in my shop for repair I will read any information you have provided, check it over, and work up a repair estimate. I will contact you and go over what repairs your system needs and the estimate for the repairs before starting work.

Hilton Repair

If you have questions regarding servicing or repairing any Hilton Sound Systems please contact me. Have the following information: model number, serial number, and as much information as possible regarding any problems with the system.

I can not work on HP-80, HP-95, AC-200, SS-200, DJ-400, DJ-500, & M-75, due to their age and repair cost exceeding value. The HT-100 and HT-200 electronics are repairable, I do not have the tape drive units. The following systems are fully repairable in my shop in Napa, California: M-75A, M-75B, M-75C, M-100, AC-201, & AC-205, AC-300, AC-300A, AC-300B, AC-300C, AC-500, MA-150, MA-500.

Adequately package the system If you have the original shipping carton your task will be easy and it is the best way to pack your system. Before closing the turntable case, secure the tone arm in the clip with a twist tie and the speed control knob in the "OFF" position to the knobs on the front panel with rubber bands. Place the system in its carrying carton and then into the packing carton. If you do not have the original carton, secure the unit as described above. Obtain a sturdy corrugated carton that is a minimum of 2" larger all around. Use Styrofoam peanuts, plastic air bubble wrap, foam, or other similar packing material, to pack the system in the center of the larger carton. The choice of shipping method (UPS, FedEx, Postal, etc.) is up to you -- all work well as long as the item is properly packaged. See the note below if your are planning on using DHL to send in your system for repair. Check what the shipping time is from your location to California to make sure this fits within your requirements. Most people can pack and ship their own units with little difficulty but be aware packing and shipping services are available to handle all of this for you if necessary -- at a price of course.

Dick Bull

707-257-3773 California working time please

Hiltonrepair (at)

Insure the shipment To reimburse you for any damage that may occur while in transit you must purchase insurance for the value of the equipment being shipped. Claims are made through the shipping company and even though insured, upon examination may be deemed to have been "inadequately protected" for shipping. This could result in a dispute with the shipper. To avoid disputes and insure your system arrives safely, adequate packing is essential! Some shippers have very stringent policies regarding electronic equipment being shipped to repair facilities -- find out what the companies policy is before shipping or you may have problems with any claims even if you have insured the system! If a unit is received showing any damage we will contact you immediately but you, as the shipper, must file the claim to be reimbursed for damage. We hold onto the packaging in these situations incase the shipper wishes to send an inspector to check the system and how it was packaged.